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Welcome to the Taming.io Wiki!
Taming.io is an online multiplayer 2D .io game created by the web developer LapaMauve. Your objective is to stay alive for as long as possible as you age and achieve better resources.
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Tamon.io is an RPG game hosted by the bot of same name, with many references to Pokémon, which is played by any group of people in the Taming.io Discord server; it sorts a voted action and plays it out. It contains the canonical lore of Taming.io. To play it, you must enter the discord channels #lobby-1, #lobby-2 or #lobby-3.
The official Taming.io site also has a How to Play Guide introducing various concepts for newer players, a News Outlet with events and new updates and the game's Changelog.
The community uses various social networks to connect and communicate, mainly the Discord server and Reddit, although there is also Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
If Taming.io is blocked at your computer, you can try using official proxy sites, though note that saved settings won't apply even if you log-in.

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